Things To Remember

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A sunrise on a new day

The way my lover looks at me across the room

Celebrations big and small with friends and family

Eating a good meal every day

The love I feel for my sons

The passion I have for running

The healing that yoga brings me

Nights snuggled under the covers with a good book

The peace I feel in my heart

This week’s post  is inspired by Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday prompt:

6 thoughts on “Things To Remember

    1. Thank you Annie! I have come to understand that no matter how busy I can get (with my son’s college graduation and party today), taking the time to be grateful is key to being present for the good things in my life.

  1. I love this quote – had it on a magnet at work a long time ago – remembering my boss asking me to explain it to him! I thought of saying ‘exactly…’ but I was good and tried to explain what Keller meant!

    Great idea to make your response into a list poem, nice work.
    Here’s to gratitude!

    1. Indeed! I hope that your boss understood after your patient explanation! I imagine my inspiration for the list might have come from the fact that I have been making many lists lately. Besides the usual groceries, I have been completing a major home renovation, landscaping the yard and organizing my oldest son’s college graduation party. Lists are tools for survival in these cases!

  2. Opening this page and seeing that quote gave me goosebumps. My mom gave me a framed picture with those words when I first moved away from home. Thank you for a sweet memory. xox

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