Mistaken Identity

Credit: imgarcade.com

An All-American look

An A-Frame Shape

Ass-Kickin Abs



Strapping in Stride

Your Youth Yielded

to the Years spent Yearning

for Daring and Dastardly Dreams

Groping towards Goals of Disingenuous Grandeur

There is Little Left of your Lofty Life

The Face that once glimmered with hope

and turned many a maiden’s head

is but a sunken ship

Moored in the Muck

Wrinkled and Wretched

with the scars of brokeness

etched across your bow

6 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity

    1. Yes most especially when one has been given the gifts of trusting love not only from another person but from people connected to him or her. Some people just squander their own promise and dismantle the life they built because they cannot face their own demons. Reminds me of a line in a U2 song. “So you become a monster so the monster will not break you.”

      1. Suzanne

        mmmmm – I have a couple of people in my extended family who fit the U2 line too. I think there comes a time when the only way to move on from such people is to walk away.

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