Being in the Goodness


I am at a peak of delight. Unusual for a Monday, but perhaps it came from a rising awareness of being in transition. As a culture, we don’t embrace realignments to our mojo. Instead, we  grit our teeth and bear it, or hang on holding our breath until it’s over, or worse, crawl our way to the other side exhausted and falsely relieved. I refuse to live my life waiting for my new life to begin. I will happily admit that  I am more than ready to start a new chapter in a new zip code with my beloved fiance’. But like any compelling saga, one must begin the story with a strong prologue.

So  much has shifted in one week’s time here; it is challenging to put into words. But it is proof to me that wishes sent out to the Great Beyond can happen if you let your worries go first. As you ride the universe’s flow, amazing things are manifested. I am giving the house one or two last renovations, necessary in order for four young people to live in a healthier space in a year’s time. One that is nearly free of my obvious imprint but still stamped with my positive energy and vibrations. (I tell you it is exciting to keep purging this place of things we no longer need!)

My boys and I have been delivered from the trauma and pain of their father. We came together so that we could grow stronger. Along the way, we were honing our skills as independent individuals in pursuit of our own passions. I don’t know what I would have done with myself if we did not journey to this new space together, helping each other through fits and starts.

In a few week’s time, I will share this house with two others. Two people, peers of my sons who love and respect them. They will be helping me get a better leg up financially so I am better prepared for my new life. In return, I can provide a safe haven. A garden where they can grow new roots in a healthy soil. I have no doubt that we all will bloom and fill this earth renewed beauty.

Today Iam grateful for the wonders and love of others.  So with my thumb knuckles to my third eye, I bid you all: Namaste’.

10 thoughts on “Being in the Goodness

  1. Beautiful, empowering words! So encouraging to read about your transition as I go through my own. I was pulling weeds in the community garden I started here in Wichita . . . and thinking about how good it is to work on projects that I’ll never see completed. Breathe in, breathe out . . . give, receive. Life is amazing, isn’t it?

    1. Hey Hey Girl!

      Reading about your year in Wichita has given me perspective and wisdom. The challenges and disappointments have always be met with grace and gratefulness.

      It seems that you’ve never treated your time there as a temporary stop. You’ve given of yourselves and I am certain that there are more than a few people whose lives are better because of you both.

      I am really happy that you’ll be back this way for the next year. Hopefully, we will cross paths (or mats) a few times before I take my leave to a new latitude!

      And life is SO AMAZING!!!

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