A Moment of Serenity

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Sitting here in an early June quiet. The days have finally grown into a full warmth. This late spring surge of sun has distracted me from my writing. We cut grass, plant flowers that will last well into early fall, lay down mulch. Fret over carpenter bees boring holes in the upper eaves at the back of the house (I need a 25 foot ladder to reach them). Douse the paper wasp nest with chemicals before it outgrows the strength of  our spray can.  Stain the long neglected front porch a luscious mahogany red while noticing that we need new risers. The rails need a fresh coat of white. The north side of the house looks tired. Long winters and years of just plain wear are evident at this direction of the house’s compass.  I try not to worry about the expense of repairs and send out intentions of abundance to the universe.

A year from now, this house will be my sons’ domain. Rented with others in order to afford payments. We are shifting gears. Learning to be present in a major life transition. Sharing in the pulls and tugs of the here and now as we move into the there and then. Keeping our eyes wide open while we let go of the old life little by little. We are all making our way into an independent dynamic. There is much to do before my wings take flight.  I send out more intentions-ones where I hope to avoid the vortex of panic and anxiety. A friend says “Don’t be afraid to pray for big things.”  So I do.

For now, I am staying in this moment. Sitting up in bed, nearly ready for sleep. The house is empty except for me. The crickets are back and the night breeze is full. Cool and cleansing, sort of a northern climate mini spa in my mind.  I look forward to refreshing dreams and a new morning sun.

 “Listen to yourself. And in that quietude you will hear the voice of God”

– Maya Angelou


17 thoughts on “A Moment of Serenity

  1. Suzanne

    It sounds like you really love your house despite the worry and cost of upkeep. At least you will still have it in your life when you move. Having just moved and now finally beginning to feel settled I have come to the conclusion that these things are worse in imagination than they usually are in reality. Enjoy the coming year and keep listening for ‘the voice of God’. I made a typo there and wrote the ‘the voice of good’ – another voice well worth listening to in my opinion. Then again perhaps they are the same voice. 🙂

    1. There is an old saying that we hear in my faith community “God is good”, so there you go! I do love this old place. More for what it has become: a haven and oasis of peace for the three of us and all who enter it.I appreciate your words of wisdom regarding your move. I refuse to let worry hold hostage the joys that being in transition can bring.

      1. Suzanne

        Being in transition is difficult. Connecting with nature and doing those things that take you out of the state of worry helps – I guess for you that would be the long beach runs. 🙂

      2. Yes indeed! Great weather for the sport now. No need for extra layers. How are you settling in? I have been so busy that I am not at all up to date with reading my friends’ posts!

      3. Suzanne

        I’m settling in well and have even started renting a studio at an artist’s run space – I’m thinking I’ll blog about that over the weekend. Great you can run free without the layers – we are having a strange winter over here – wet and cold one day – T shirt weather the next. Very weird

      4. Excellent! Your studio will provide an oasis for you I am sure.

        Strange weather down there! We can have that happen up here where I live. There’s an old saying “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”

  2. Sounds wonderful – thanks for the moment of serenity.

    …ha – I just realized that’s the title of this post. I swear I didn’t know that when I started this comment! Perfection. *deep breath*

    1. I have learned that negativity and panic only serve as an energy taker. My life is undergoing its biggest transition in seven years and very likely the biggest transition thus far. Acknowledging that actually serves to keep my mind open and also to let things go so the Universe can help with the rest.

      And isn’t that photo totally cool? 🙂

  3. Oh, the carpenter bees…they are a group aren’t they? I have to say that while you are going through a transition with expenses that can oftentimes be very stressful, you exuded such a sense of peacefulness and calm in your post that I’m sure was not only felt by me while reading . I know that everything will work out fine for you guys because God is indeed good. What a wonderful way to share your thoughts – thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Charlene. This old house needs TLC for sure especially after the winter we had! But things are slowly falling into place and I am convinced it has come from going with the flow and letting go. 🙂

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