Lover’s Creed


Meeting for a late night meal

Not quite strangers, Not quite friends

But something else unborn and unspoken


A forward movement,

                   A relevant transition,

A certain shift

resonating between and within us


The repast remained barely consumed

Our hearts full of anticipation instead


The ease at which we came to be joined

An affirmation that it was meant to be


The darkness deepened outside

The air breathing its long December chill

But here in this space lay newborn warmth

Eyes wide open

 Souls ready to receive


Two lovers sealing their covenant

A confident expectation

A credulous commitment


Thus, on this night,

in this blood-thin blackness

this achy, gasping vortex of interminable frost

A recollection of our whispered pact

soothes me in a blanket of torrid heat

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#FWF Free Write Friday: Trust

Just one word this week. It can mean many things can’t it? I am grateful to have it back in my life. I took  a trip down memory lane for this one. And I am glad that I still am making more with my beloved!  Perfect way to end the week.

17 thoughts on “Lover’s Creed

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  2. Beautifully expressed. Trust is a diamond with many facets. In the end it is the integrity of it that counts. Your impassioned poem speaks to me of trust in love. How fortunate we are when we a love we can trust. … Well done. 🙂

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