Love Always

Jackson Wedding

He had fallen in love with those dark tresses first, he thought. Something about the way she moved her body as she walked by him set his soul on fire. Her hair moved in rhythm with the sway of her hips.  Her skin alabaster white and her eyes endless black pools-lit with a life affirming force. And then she spoke. “I’m new to town and I was wondering if there was a bookstore nearby. My brain is thirsty for words!”

“It’s two blocks down on the right. I can walk you there since it is getting a little dark,” he replied.

They shared the literary world and each other from that moment on. Although friends old and new dismissed their whirlwind romance at first, they soon realized that they were witnessing a lifetime love. So today, on this day, vows and promises were exchanged along with the anticipation of a new life they created from the love and pure passion of one another.

This Friday’s post is brought to you by Kellie Elmore. 

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13 thoughts on “Love Always

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  2. I enjoyed the story. Sweet and short but enticing that I wanted to read more from the first paragraph. Like what else happened between. Did they go for coffee and talk books? Did they enjoy the same kind of books? Did they have any rocky or shaky experience before it ended on a happy note? Well done! A piece that can be created into a great novel.

    1. Many thanks my fellow educator! Yes, this story does deserve a further telling. It has been a challenge to continue with some which need more chapters, if you will. (Think of my Lola series as well as the Phone Call At Midnight Post). As you well know, my brain power has been used for work lately! Plus some real life experiences have been informing my writing thoughts. I have no doubt that all of them will continue to be written!

      As always, thank you, thank you for your consistent support and encouragement! 🙂

      1. I can understand completely! The day job is taking up so much time, and is so exhausting, it is difficult to allow the creative juices to flow.

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