August Blues

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The sun makes one last valiant effort to shine through the mist, and for a few seconds, everything steams, yellow and gray. Then the rain sweeps in and everything is gone.

A trip back in time when this month’s beginning was her world’s ending

Bracing for the inevitable

As the storm’s clouds raged in the distance

And when it came, her body crumpled in defeat

Nights sleepless, Days motionless, Tears endless

Rifling through papers


The Destruction

The Anger

 The Deceit






  Returns them to the Earth

 Dissipating Disintegrating Disappearing

Extinguished and Extinct

#FWF Free Write Friday: Famous Last Words

This week’s prompt from Kellie invited us to take the last few lines of a memorable book or poem and create a story or poem based on it. This quote is from the last two lines of  “Those Who Save US” by Jenna Blum (her first novel- I highly recommend reading it).

August is not a favorite month of mine and I have been thinking of ways to write about some jumbled up feelings that this month represents for me.   Kellie’s Karmic Connection has helped me sort them out a bit!

26 thoughts on “August Blues

    1. Yes indeed! And I have been told that I should write a book. Maybe someday. The story has been revealing itself in bits and pieces through the personal essays/poems/flash fiction. A good exercise in purging for sure!

    1. Thank you Kellie. Writing it certainly set me on the path of straightening out my feelings.

      By the way, I spent some time yesterday reading Magic in the Backyard. I am savoring the beauty, love and peacefulness in this work.

  1. What a powerful write the equivalent of flinging cans of paint on a canvas, the rage, the loss, the passion…
    I am glad that writing this has helped you deal with your feelings (I know you are going to love the retreat writing I am planning) – /sorry to hear August is such a struggle. Try to let the sun shine in.

    1. Yes. Something always happens this month it seems. Sometimes it is a hiccup. Sometimes a mini-crisis (young adult children are usually involved!). Sometimes it is an anniversary of a life-changing event (although I AM SO HAPPY NOW!!!). And as a teacher, it is the dread of returning to the chaos and stress of the job- August often feels like one long Sunday night!

      xo Neens!

      1. Kim sorry to hear that – we don’t return until September – so that’s our Sunday night! Just keep thinking hoe much better your life is now and keep moving forward. Funny isn’t it? The kids will never know that teachers have the same fear factor of a new class and school year as they do! 😉
        Keep breathing x

      2. Many thanks my dear! Just got back from additional unpacking and organizing. Thankfully, eldest joined me on his day off from work so my time there was more brief than yesterday! We do not get paid for classroom prep so I try to be efficient!!

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