Friday Gloom

friday gloom

Since it is Friday, poet Kellie Elmore has given us her Free Write prompt so I am coupling it with the National Poetry Month’s daily poem challenge from Word Press. Be sure to visit Kellie’s page to see all the postings.


The afternoon has turned raw

A heavy mist hangs in the air

Chill cuts through my thin skin

My bones feel old with the cold

The wind picks up the water

Windows  are smashing and buckling

with each hollowing gust

The songbirds are silent

Crocus and daffodil return

to their  slumber

We are bereft of warmth and sun

Mother Nature’s fickle ways

Belie the calendar month

Spring I beseech you:

Return! Return! Return!

4 thoughts on “Friday Gloom

  1. Suzanne

    Wow – I hope you get some spring weather soon. Your very powerful writing really captures those ‘winter has gone on too long’ blues.

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