Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty: The Model Community Look Book

Does beauty lie only in the images found in the media? Do you feel beautiful or do you compete with a false image of what you “should” look like?
Please read Jennie Saia’s latest post on the subject! Together with the people in her community, she created an awe inspiring project on the subject which I hope will at least give us pause for thought!

Backyard Delight

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A heated May night

The sun has yet to set

Dragonflies bound and bounce in the humid air

Crickets begin to hum

Birds sing a ditty of dedication to the long light

Children are running about screeching and screaming

Freed from the confines of the dinner table

The sounds of motorcycles rumble and pop in the distance

                    A warm energy stirs out here

We are not ready to settle our bodies in for the night

Sleep may come quickly but will be fevered and restless

The humid air encompassing our bodies and breathe

So for now we just listen

Glorifying the season

Witness to Mother Nature and her Miracles

Last week we had an early and short-lived heat wave here. I wrote this in my backyard last Friday as the evening breeze blew in.